[Bug?] ARCHIVE=SINGLE is very slow


I use DO 11.16 x64, and I want to zip severall folders, one archive by folder.
When you try ONE folder with these two commands :




You see that the second one is very, very slow.

Is it a bug, is it normal ?

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

I think ARCHIVE=single doesn't support Zip batch mode, so each file is added separately, instead of adding all files in a single operation, which is slower.

(Disabling Preferences / Zip & Other Archives / Zip Files / Use temporary file when copying to Zip files (safer but slower) may speed things up again, but also means archives can be corrupted if adding or modifying them fails half-way through.)

If it's something you do a lot, a script could probably be written to do the same as ARCHIVE=single via ARCHIVE on its own, with the "single" logic moved into the script instead.

Hi Leo, thanks for your help.
This parameter was already unchecked.

Doing a script is a good idea but I am not experimented enough :slight_smile:
If someone with a big heart :wink: and magic code in fingers is reading this, his help would be appreciated !

Hi there, same issue here . . any command sequence solution to this outside of scripting.?

Try this:

dopusrt /acmd copy {file} here archive=.zip

Thanks a lot off for weekend and will post when back.

Yes that works really fast... thanks.

As a tip to the other user... I use a label, before this command is invoked...
properties SETCOLOR= Red

So that I can come back and see what files/folders I need to delete.