Bug? Down-arrow key doesn't work

Fairly simple description, recently I notice the down-arrow key on my keyboard no longer works to scroll through the DOpus window. Not sure when this started.

To be clear, the down-arrow key works in other programs fine, so it's not a hardware thing.

Win7-64, DOpus 11.8 build 5431

Please go to Tools Settings > Customize Toolbars > Keys, then at the Filter box at the bottom, click the box and push the down arrow.

Is any hotkey assigned to the arrow key, or do you then get a completely empty list?

If anything is assigned, that's probably what is breaking it.

(If pushing the arrow key in the box doesn't do anything, make sure the keyboard icon next to the box is pushed in.)

That's exactly where the problem was...thanks for the INCREDIBLY fast response.

Oh, and in my version of Opus, it was under Setting>Customize Toolbars>Keys...but I still managed.