Bug Favorites menu and some feature requests

First of all: DOpus is a great and versatile program, thanks! After 10+ years I'm switching from Total Commander, because of the lack in development. Dopus really shows improvements on many area's, while TC unfortunately does not.

In TC I used the favorites functionality a lot. While implementing this in DOpus I ran in to a small bug: when I add a new Favorite, for example Projects, and I want to assign a shortcut key by adding an & sign before the letter P *" &Projects", DOpus appends another & sign after adding it. Therefore the new favorite has to be re-edited to remove the second &, before the shortcut key will work.

Furthermore, I'd like to propose some feature requests, which made my live very easy in TC, because TC's philosophy is that everything in TC can be achieved without ever touching the mouse and pressing as few keys as possible. It would therefore be great if:
[li] You wouldn't have to assign short cut keys via an &, but you can just press the first letter of a favorite in the list, and cycle through this list when there are multiple entries which begin with the same letter. Of course it would still be necessary to override this default behavior when a shortcut key has been assign to an entry with the & sign.[/li]
[li] One could add a hotkey to open the favorites menu, without having to assign a hotkey to the favorites button an having this Favorite button visible all the time (I like a clean interface)[/li]
[li] when opening the ftp menu ("Go FTP"), you can select the server by typing (part) the name, just like the Find functionality in a Lister. I have about 20 ftp sites, so it takes me a lot of scrolling through the names[/li]
[li] when using the filter bar, which I use by default, always select the first entry that has been filtered out and make it possible to navigate through the other entries by pressing the Up/Down key. This way one can type part of a file/dir name, use the up/down keys if necessary to select the correct entry and press enter to activate/navigate to it, without having to first press Enter and the down key (several times). Simply stated, it would be the same as the Find functionality, but than only showing the filtered entries.[/li]
[li] add a command to show the history drop down of the currently active lister, which then can also be invoked by a hotkey[/li]
[li] when pressing the Insert key the first time to select a file and jump to the next, the current selected file is deselected. Is this a bug or a feature? :wink:[/li][/ul]

Kind regards,