Bug in 11.16.3 beta with TSVN overlays

I recently upgraded my Opus from 11.16.0 to 11.16.3 to get the patch that fixed the issue with TSVN overlays. However, I regret to report that I now have NO overlays for TSVN at all. I reverted to 11.16.2 and all the icon overlays are back, so the issue appears to have been introduced in the latest beta.

Can you confirm? If there is any additional info you need from me to investigate, I'd be glad to assist. (I have an ungodly number of overlays [thanks Microsoft!] but the TSVN ones are at the top of the list in the registry.)

The change related to TSVN in 11.16.3 purely affects how Opus responds to files/folders being modified. It has no effect on what you'd see the first time a folder is listed (unless something is generating lots of change events for the folder, perhaps).

If you see a difference here between 11.16.2 and 11.16.3, it was probably a coincidence and really triggered by rebooting between updates.

OK... but now what do I do? 11.16.2 shows overlays and 11.16.3 doesn't. The only change to the machine (that I am aware of) is the Opus upgrade. I've rebooted, run a TSVN repair, etc., and nothing helps except downgrading to beta 2. Note that Windows Explorer (gag) is displaying the overlay icons just fine.

I hate to say this, but there's definitely a glitch in 11.16.3.

Follow-up info:
I restored a configuration backup I created with 11.16.3 into my working 11.16.2 installation, and the TSVN icons disappeared (i.e., 11.16.2 is now no longer showing overlays). Is there a setting in Opus that could have something to do with this? Perhaps I made an inadvertent change somewhere...?

Sorry, please ignore the above post, the configuration restore/change wasn't the problem. I've now confirmed on multiple machines that Opus 11.16.3 will not display TSVN ( 64-bit) icon overlays, while 11.16.2 will show them without issue.

We've reproduced this now and have a fix on the way. For some reason it affects some machines and not others, maybe due to caching that TSVN does which bypasses the problem in some cases.

The cause turned out to be something unrelated to the change for TSVN itself.

Look out for 11.16.4 which will contain the fix, and thank you for alerting us to the problem!

This should be fixed now in 11.16.4.

11.6.4 fix confirmed! Thanks a bunch for the super-fast turnaround on this! :thumbsup: