Bug in total file size calculation?

Having used the find files to find a list of files and then selecting those found files to be deleted, Opus massively overestimates the total file size for all files. I have selected a 170 files of no more than a few hundred bytes each and opus reports that I am going to delete 978 Terabytes. I wish my hard drive was really that big!

See screenshot.

Opus v9.1.1.8 x64, Windows Vista SP2 x64.

Seems like there should be seomthing unique about this - it doesn't seem to be a general issue... So, is "I:" drive a network drive mapping of some kind? If so, to what kind of a network share (windows v??, samba, nas device, etc)?

Oh... and... Carly Simon? Really??? :slight_smile:

No, drive I isn't a networked drive, it's an NTFS partition on an installed hard disk. See screenshot.

Also included is a screenshot of the file permsisions for the partition in case that helps.

I've just tried the same thing on a different folder on a different partition, and the same thing has happened. This time I'm going to delete 9,226 Terabytes!!

This isn't an actual problem to me; I just wondered if others had had the same result and it was a bug that should be reported.

Oh, and the Carly Simon; just the two tracks: your so vain, and nobody does it better.

Tried this again in the same partition/folder only this time with a different search string and I would say Opus has got the total file size about right this time.

Could it be an overflow in the variable holding the total file size calculation when dealing with small files?

Only seems to happen in the old Find window as far as I can tell. If you use the newer Find panel that attaches to the lister then the problem doesn't happen.

When it does happen it seems to be triggered by a single file. Deselect that file (once you work out which it is) and all the others can be selected without the problem happening.