Bug? New {fsys} status bar code doesn't work at the root of Libraries

Hi there! As has sometimes happened in the past, the new {fsys} status bar code doesn't work at the root of library folders. Once you navigate down into any of the child folders, it lights up. It's only blank at the root.

At first glance, I wondered if you did that on purpose - since the root of the library might seem ambiguous re: filesystem type if there are multiple member folders from different types of filesystems. If that is the case, had you thought about just displaying the attributes of the 'default' member folder instead of nothing? This seems to be the case in other parts of Opus (and other parts of Windows and other apps for that matter)... for instance, the {df} code shows only the free capacity of whatever logical drive the 'default' member folder resides on.

Doesn't matter much to me personally - as I will mainly use the code to better tell what the FS story is on my many removable drives (FAT32, EXFAT, NTFS), but I haven't asserted my penchant for finding things that don't work the same in library folders in awhile, so...........

Being blank at the root seems valid to me. Library roots don't really have filesystems. (Or if they do, it should maybe say "library" because it has special semantics which may involve a mixture of underlying filesystems, plus the peculiarities of libraries on top of them. But it's redundant to say a special folder behaves like that special folder. We'd then also have to show Network Computer or something when at the \server level, which would be equally redundant.)