Bug report: different behaviour on Ctrl drag-and-drop

I encountered this difference when you press the Control key and drag and drop a file in the same folder:

  • in a traditional folder on the disk, a copy of this file is automatically generated
  • in a library, a dialog box appears, asking for a name for the new copy of the file.

I don't know which one of these behaviours is supposed to be the correct one, but in my opinion DOpus should behave the same way.

I get the 2nd behaviour in both types of folders.

What are the exact steps (file and folder) to see the first behaviour?

Well, I'm surprised you don't see the same behaviour. I do nothing different in folders than in libraries. In folders, I automatically get a file called aaaa - Copy.bbb (the original file being aaaa.bbb)

Here is what I see:

Ah, my Ctrl+Drag&Drop event was set to run just copy and not copy renamewhensame which is the default these days.

Now I see the same as you, and I think I know why the library folder is doing something different now. I'll take a look at the code.

That's been fixed for the next update.

I've also discovered - and I think it's related - that if you want to move files from a flattened folder into itself (some files being already in this main folder, other files being in its subfolders), the result is a bit different if this folder belongs to a library or to the folder tree. Could you check if your fix addresses this related problem, too?