Bug report: file listing not refreshed

On my laptop, Directory Opus sometimes goes into a state where it no longer refreshes the file listing when I copy, move, or rename a file or folder. This makes it extremely annoying to perform any file management tasks.
[li]Example: if I rename a file or folder, the change is not reflected in the file listings. If I tried to rename it again, I get told the file is not found. The new name of the file is only shown when I go out of the current folder and back into it again (doesn't make any different whether I go Up or Back).[/li]
[li]The problem is made more annoying by the F5 key not refreshing the view.[/li]
[li]Windows Explorer is not affected by this.[/li]
[li]This state is not fixed by closing the Lister, but is fixed by exiting Directory Opus completely & starting it again.[/li]
[li]I have not discovered a reliable way to cause this state to come about.[/li][/ul]

On my desktop, which also runs Win7 x64, I do not have this problem.

Both desktop & laptop are running the latest release (version I believe this occurred on the previous release (10.0.2?) as well, because I remember seeing the update & hoping that the issue was fixed. Previously I have only noted this problem when windows file shares on the local computer were accessed by another user (via Windows File Sharing), and in that case it affected both Windows Explorer and Directory Opus.

I am not sure whether this is relevant, but my laptop has a solid state drive (OCZ Vertex 2), and my desktop does not.

I am happy to provide any further diagnostic information required.

Well.. this is embarrassing, but Directory Opus just notified me of a new update (; I suppose I wasn't running the latest version after all. I could have sworn I had already applied one recently, but perhaps I'm thinking of my desktop.

I shall report back if the issue reoccurs after applying the update.

Opus can detect when you post articles to the forum you know! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

See this guide if you still have problems with folder refreshes even in the latest version.