Bug report: void descript.ion file appearing for no reason

I have enabled the descript.ion files (not hidden), although I seldom use them.

When I move files from one folder to another, DOpus occasionally may create a void descript.ion file (0 bytes) in the current folder, although there was no descript.ion file around and I did nothing related to descript.ion files.

I have never manually created descript.ion files in those folders, even in the past, but DOpus still creates it very often.

Is there some pattern to when it happens? e.g. Only when you move certain types of files, or files that have comments/descriptions already (possibly stored in a different way, e.g. within MP3 tags).

Are you sure there aren't already descript.ion files that are hidden before-hand, and the problem isn't that they're just being unhidden when they become empty rather than that they are being created?

If you can narrow things down to a likely sequence of actions I'll see if I can reproduce it.

Well, I may have manually deleted at least 200 descript.ion 0-byte files during the last months before posting this here, but I didn't notice any clear pattern; maybe the fact that I use libraries a lot and this seems to happen mostly in the libraries (but not always), and usually when I move MP3 files, sometimes document files (like PDF, DOC), maybe when I delete files, too, but I would say never when I move EXE files. The problem is, sometimes I quit the folder and when I come back, there is a descript.ion file there; sometimes I just see it appear out of the blue right after a file move. But, again, I don't think this is a clear pattern, but you may be right, this could come from DOpus interfering with tagged files.

I can guarantee there is no descript.ion file in those folders before and when I see it created by DOpus without my consent, I delete it.

It seems to happen mostly on my Windows 7 64 bits computer and less frequently on my Windows XP running DOpus on a USB stick.

My guess seemed to be right and allowed me to reproduce the bug this morning.

I've written a fix for it. It may not be in but it will be included in the first beta version after it.

Good news, thank you!