Bug: Some files can't be forcly deleted (UAC appears)

But I use the viewer pane in hex mode only for years now. The video was never opened in a player before. I attach a screenshot of my default viewer pane configuration.

I'm pretty sure that the problem must be related to the viewer pane since I just have to close the viewer pane (showing the hex content of the clip) and I can (re)move the file immediately.

Oh, okay, I assumed if you were viewing video files you'd be showing them as videos, not looking at their hex data. :slight_smile:

Maybe there's still a problem with the hex viewer somewhere. I will take a look.

I still see these access errors occasionally with the recent beta when trying to delete, rename or remove files and folders. Each time the viewer pane shows one of the affected files (directly or indirectly as part of the selected folder).

Should I continue posting the file types and further details to this thread for your analysis or did you already find the problem?

Leo, do you need further details from me to analyse this issue?

Not yet, thanks. I'll ask here if I do.

I've found the problem and fixed it for the next version.

I've used the current stable version for some weeks now and unfortunately this bug is still there.

It doesn't appear as many times as before but it still prevents me from deleting or moving files 2-3 times per day.

I can't find any other places that may cause the issue, and I can't reproduce it anymore after the recent changes.

You might just have to close the viewer, unless there's a special sequence of events, or something particular about the files that you see it happen with, which I'm not trying.

Are these recent changes part of the stable release?

I did some further analysis: The access violation does only appear (everytime) when moving large exe files from one physical disk to a different physical disk.


  1. Enable viewer pane
  2. Copy "DOpusInstall64.exe" to D:\Test\
  3. Select D:\Test\ in source pane and C:...\Desktop\ in target pane
  4. Focus DOpusInstall64.exe and press space to ensure that the content is shown in viewer pane
  5. Press hotkey for moving the file to target pane

In this case the access violation appears all the times on my system.

If it only happens with large exes then it's probably antivirus locking the file when it is opened and not releasing it until it's done scanning.

I just follow my example (given above) again with fully disabled virus scanner without success (the access violation is still there). I even can wait one minute between step 4 and 5 to provide some time to other services that may keep a handle on this file.

Are you able to perform my example without any problems?

Oh, we're talking about moving the file not deleting. I missed that change.

Yes, I can reproduce it now. We're not closing the viewer for moves like we are deletes, but I can make that happen now that we know.

Fantastic. Thanks in advance.

I sometimes see the access error dialog when deleting files using shared folders in a virtual machine. Particularly when Dopus is running in the guest and I try to delete a file on a shared folder that was recently copied to that place on the host.

May your fix (mentioned above) affect/solve this issue also?

Will the fix be part of the next beta release, thus I will wait for it before I start making investigations how to reproduce this problem.