Bug? Sorting files starting with "aa" or "AA"

Files whose name starts with aa... or AA... (not aA... or Aa...!) are sorted at the end of the alphabeth, after Z! Does this have something to do with the Norwegian regional settings in my (English) Windows? (Norwegians put å, ø and æ at the end of the alphabeth.)

I think it must be a regional issue as I don't have the same problem.

It may be worth a try to toggle these two checkboxes under Folder Options, Display, Sorting:

  • Numeric order filename sorting
  • Word sort (special handling for hypens, etc)

I think Opus uses a different function for sorting depending on how those two boxes are set, and maybe the other function will give you the results you expect in your locale.

Thanks for the reply -- it is a regional issue, as other programs are also showing it. Totally weird, I can't figure out why "aa" would be treated differently, but then again I am very new in Norway so I have a lot to learn yet. Let's just hope it's not a stupid bug in Windows :wink:

Yeap, I was right, it actually is a (historic) sorting order. Abandoned since 1917 apparently, but not by Windows :wink:

See also rostra.dk/alphabet/alpha_en.htm, which is a very interesting read by the way...