[bug] Synchro folders

When you want synchro two folders, you have some strange results with % and line counting :

I can't reproduce this so far, so it likely depends on how the sync is setup, and possibly something to do with what is being synced.

Can you show a screenshot of the synchronize panel as you have it configured, and also of any filter you are using (if you are)?

Are you able to reproduce it in other directories?

In other directory, seems haven't got this problem.
So, my bug was between PC on network and mine.

And panel was this one :

I see the same issue. from network share to local folder.

Also, after sync is finished, and I click compare again, it shows more files needing to be deleted & copied. this keeps happening everytime I compare, with the result varying wildly. And in one case all my files in destination were deleted.

Only after I closed the sync panel, refreshed both source and destination, did it correctly find no changes.

Is your network share on a QNAP NAS?

No, source and destination are both Windows 7 workstations.