Bug: Thumbnail icons - incorrect aspect ratio

It seems that by editing the following options
"Lister Display Modes > Thumbnails Mode > Appearance > Size" and
"Lister Display Modes > Thumbnails Mode > Appearance > Make Square"
the thumbnail icons aren't scaled properly.

I have 4:3 and 3:4 images in the same directory. If I uncheck the "Make Square" option and change the size so that the width is larger than the height the thumbnails for the 3:4 images get stretched to fill the icon size, instead of being stretched only large enough to fit within the setting without loosing the aspect ratio.

The pictures show what's happening better...
Hmmm... odd, these screenshots are also being resized improperly on the forum... wacky. [i]

Oh yeah... my info... I'm using Directory Opus that was installed over on Windows Vista x64 Business (if that somehow matters).

There's something strange going on in both screenshots. Both images are reported as being 2560x1920 yet their thumnails are different sizes in both screenshots!?

Could you zip and attach (or preferably email them to leo@ox.compsoc.net or put on the web to avoid spamming email subscribers large attachments :slight_smile: ) the two images so I can try them here? Maybe something about them is confusing the jpeg decoder in Opus? Never seen anything like this before.

Sure, here they are...


22 is rotated because of the EXIF data... that might have something to do with it... Note, the rotation is fine though.

Thanks, I can reproduce it. Looks like it's the combination of EXIF rotation and non-square thumbnails.

I've filed a bug report.

Fixed in Opus

Full list of changes here: [Directory Opus