Bug: Unable to collapse network drive tree


Issue: Unable to collapse a network drive tree, if the network drive is currently disconnected. This is normal if the connection is lost (internet / VPN / LAN down).

Map a network drive
Expand the tree for this drive down a few levels
Disconnect the network connection (VPN in my case)
In the 'Folder Tree' section - try to collapse the stack
You will get an error about the drive being disconnected (fine) - but the tree doesn't collapse. It will stop permanently open.

I've attached a quick GIF. It's not the best, but I will elaborate if needed.


It looks like the tree branch is in a semi-expanded state, only showing the direct parents of the current folder and not fully expanded to show siblings.

Clicking it once will try to fully expand it, which is failing since it isn't accessible. (We might be able to improve that, although Windows typically doesn't make it easy to detect or deal with network drives that are no longer accessible. Will need to look in more detail.)

Setting Preferences / Folder Tree / Options / Automatically expand to current folder: Fully populate contents may avoid the problem, but may also make the tree do a lot more reading of network folders while they are accessible.

Preferences / Folder Tree / Options / Collapse non-selected branches should let you collapse it by clicking on another folder.

You could also force the tree to completely rebuild itself with a button or hotkey that closes & re-opens it (visually, it'll look similar to refreshing the tree):

Set TREE=toggle Set TREE=toggle

Clicking it once will try to fully expand it, which is failing since it isn't accessible.[/quote]

Thank you for the reply leo.
I was clicking the arrow to the left of the network drive, although this may not have been clear in the gif. Given that it was already in an expanded state, I would have expected this to have collapsed the drive. This is the standard result in Explorer and other software.

Interestingly, after trying your suggestions and changing them back to default, the issue seems to be gone. It is behaving as I would expect it to today.

Will keep an eye on it and see if it does it again.

Thanks again.

In the gif in the root post, the arrow is pointing right, not down, so the item is only partially expanded.

(There are three states: Collapsed, partially expanded to only show the path to the current folder, and fully expanded to show everything below the branch. The tree only has glyphs for collapsed/expanded so in the partial state it shows the collapsed glyph. Same happens in File Explorer, although I'm not sure exactly when it does/doesn't fully expand things, only that it also does sometimes.)