Bug with DOpus v10 and TV v7


Just wanted to make you aware of an issue that exists between DOpus 10 and TV 7 on WXP 32bit.

The issue is intermittent.

The behaviour is that TV exhibits high CPU utilisation when DOpus is running.

What's TV?


Best thing is, to check through this FAQ first:

[url]How to find components causing high CPU usage]

Not just me then.

I doubt that this problem is due to Opus, since Opus does not interact directly with TeamViewer and searching Google for "TeamViewer high CPU usage" gets back lots of threads with lots of random software being blamed for causing TeamViewer to use high CPU on Windows XP. Opus may be doing something which triggers the problem in some way, but so are a lot of other tools by the look of things.

I don't know if TeamViewer uses parts of Remote Desktop but back on XP Microsoft's own RDP server had bugs in its clipboard handling which sometimes resulted in a 100% CPU loop in one of the RDP server processes on XP (possibly when Opus put certain types of data in the clipboard, but also triggered on machines without Opus on them). That got fixed in Windows Vista.

I recommend reporting the problem to the TeamViewer developers so they can investigate it. They are best placed to look at why their own process is using lots of CPU whatever the cause may be. If they do investigate and find something that looks like Opus is involved, we'd be happy to look at it on our side, but it needs the TeamViewer authors to evaluate what's happening in their code first, and it's probably not really related to Opus.

Upgrading from XP may also solve things, e.g. if it is related to the RDP clipboard bug in Windows XP that was fixed back in Vista. In April Microsoft stop supporting XP entirely, so it's time for anyone still using XP to start migrating to a newer version of Windows.