Bug with files copy + directory browsing

1st bug I encounter since several versions when I'm copying files to (or from) my NAS with a network drive:

it appears during a "copy/move" function on random files and without any plausible reason, because if I try another time (after skipping the file) it'll work.

2nd bug:

sometimes I can't navigate between (large) folders if I'm using the tree (1), it'll only work if I'm using the window function (2). I don't get any error window, clicking on the folder just does not do anything...
So I have to close DO each time it happens...

I'm using Windows 7 x64 and the last beta, but bugs occured with previous versions too.

Seems like a bug in the NAS, or like it is disconnecting/resetting and losing knowledge of the file handles that are open on it.

Make sure its firmware is up-to-date, if the NAS uses firmware.

Check if copying similar files using Explorer runs into any problems.

It might be worth changing Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced: copy_buffer_size as well, in case the NAS has problems with file-copies using blocks of a certain size. Try 32 KB or 1 MB to see if either is better.

I don't really think it's the NAS the source of the problem, because I had a Netgear RND4000 (Sparc) and now a ReadyNAS Pro 6 (x86) and the problem is still present.
I've disabled RDC (Remote Differential Compression) and I'll see if it changes something. Most of the time I'm working with the NAS, so I don't remember if it happened also with another HDD.

Is there a debug mode with DO which I could activate to see what happened ?

And for the other bug, any idea ?

Apologies, I thought they were both part of the same underlying NAS-related issue. (Please ask one question per thread unless the questions are closely related.)

My guess is that Preferences / File Displays / Border: Only when file display is the source and the Lister is active is turned on, and the times when you can't click path components in the file display border are when that file display is not the source or the window it's in is not active.

If my guess isn't right, next time it happens please take a screenshot (if possible, without all the details blurred). Maybe something will stand out from the screenshot as the reason the path component can't be clicked.

OK thanks for your support I'll try your solution, and sorry but I didn't see the FAQ before posting

I still have the bug with files copy, not only during files to my NAS but also from HDD to HDD... No problem with Xplorer² that I've used for many years. I don't see where is the problem in my configuration...

You could try setting Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced: copy_nonbufferio_threshold to 0 (zero) to see if that helps, although it would not normally be used on a network drive. (But maybe it is, depending on how the drives are mounted>)

Using non-buffered IO to copy files is the only "unusual" thing Opus does. (Not that unusual since Explorer does it as well.) Beyond that, Opus is just opening file handles, reading and writing data via them, and closing them like any other application. If the file handle is becoming invalid then it suggests a problem with the network drive or with something that sits between Opus and the network drive (e.g. antivirus tools).

Another thing that might be worth trying is to use Process Monitor to see exactly which operation is triggering the invalid handle error.

Turning off everything under Preferences / File Operations / Copy Attributes may also help, if the problem is caused by the NAS devices (or antivirus scanner, etc.) not correctly handling file attributes, Alternate Data Streams (used with some filetypes to store metadata, e.g. file comments) or similar.

OK thanks for your support I'll try that :slight_smile: ! But I think there is one of my apps or service which is interfering with DO because I often got crashs...too bad you don't have a debug switch I could use to send you the log ! I only have Comodo as a firewall, MS Security Essentials (no sentinel active and yeah I know it's a mediocre antivirus but it's really light compared to my good old Kaspersky which has become too slow, idem for GDATA) and Malwarebytes (no sentinel) as security products.

If you want a debug log for things like file copying, Process Monitor is already the best tool there is.

I've compiled several crash reports, and I'd like to know how I could send them to you plz ?

Please zip them up and send them to me via a private message.