Bug with new toolbar scaling feature

v13.4, i like this new toolbar scaling, i had been silently wishing i could shrink them down a wee-bit for a while so thank you! ive 4, menu, opers, favs, plu one or two for testing & play.

i notice a strange behaviors when scaling down. at 50% everything was scaling down uniformly. at 49% and below some icons continued to shrink while others jump up to 125%

this is on my testing\playing tool bar. which is mix of menus, buttons & scripts form the forums and my own.

un-ticking the "scale toolbar button images when larger then standard size" seems to make the upscale\down scale jump in size up a few pixel more the enlarge icons.

furthermore i just noticed when copying the image its happening on the context menus as well.
dopus archive is up, cut is up, copy is way tiny.

...... one second.... im checking the customize options for this toolbar to see what ive set over there....

image size override was already small, if i change to default the size difference on a couple icons jump above 125% while not touching others. labels already off for space and small text.


im happy with a 50% scaling :slight_smile:

just giving ya heads up that some custom icons are being randomly unruly about it.


The default icon sets are configured not to scale linearly at small sizes, as scaling them (instead if using the neatest size images) would result in much worse image quality at those sizes.

Not sure why it’s going to 125% in some cases, through. Can you give an example of that? Is it happening with a built-in icon set or one someone else has made?

heres 3 screenshots

at 100%

at 50%

at 25%

its effecting all the toolbars.

and strangely the context menu

the bar about favorts is mixed buttons and menus from here and of my making. the rest of the icons are from... the forum as well.


just checked... same thing happens if switch to the dopus internal icon set.

im not too worried about as it looks good set at 50% for me.

just a heads up its doing something strange when dropped lower than 50%

Maybe we should make it not allow the size to go below 100% (at standard DPI; 50% if system scaling is 200%, etc.) since there are assumptions in places that standard DPI is the minimum and no one would ever go below that.

i forgot i had system scaling on. im a 4k moniter so my system is at 125%.

just tested. set my system scale to 100% and the same thing happens when i go below 50% so i doesn't seem system scaling in playing into it.