Bug with sorting?

DOpus (left side) for some reason places '.exe.config' file under '.rsp'. Explorer's (right side) approach I think is the correct one.

in both cases sort order was default (name, ascending)

Turn off the Sort name and extension separately option in Folder Options to get the same sort order as Explorer.

you're right, this is a solution!

however I should correct you that it's actually in Folder Formats and should be changed for each format individually. if you meant something else - I haven't found that.

Folder Options is the name of the dialog / menu item (the same as used by Explorer) for editing the current folder’s settings.

Folder Formats is the same thing for editing saved settings for specific paths or types of paths.

Two names for what is basically the same thing, due to historical reasons. (We may rename it in the future so there’s just one name.)

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