Built in viewer, could be improved

after hesitating between the old "acdsee 3.1"
, the bloated last "acdsee 9" and xnview,
I came to the conclusion that the built in dopus viewer is not that bad.
It seems to be faster to xnview, a bit slower than acdsee but quite acceptable speed. It also has some features I want absolutely:

  • ability to move the picture with the left click (not by default).
  • ability to go to next picture by using mouse wheel (not by default, too).

Now I'm missing this:

  • I'd like to be able to close the picture by just double-clicking on it.(most viewer do that)
  • those ugly scrollbars. Want to get rid of them when in full screen mode.
    I'm already using the left click button for moving pictures.
  • "fit width". There 's alway the fit to windows option , but I prefer the "fit width" option. Reason: scanned documents. If you wish to read a scanned document, you'll probably be interested in only scrolling vertically.
    And we are most of the time accustomed to scroll things vertically, when browsing etc .....
  • zoom in, zoom out, zoom fit buttons .... I know I can right click,
    but I'd like to have these buttons , although I admit they are not indispensable.

You can turn the scrollbars off, although they will then always be off. If you only want them off when full-screen there isn't a way to do that right now.

Fit Width is a good idea, I guess. I've also long wished for an option which zoomed in the image to fit the window, when the image is smaller than the window. The current Fit-To-Window is good for viewing large images, since it reduces them, but when viewing smaller images on a high res screen you have to manually zoom in and out which is a pain. Both are good for differnet things so I wouldn't want one replaced with the other; I just miss having Zoom-To-Window as an option.

There are zoom in/out/fit buttons in the viewer's toolbar. Make sure it's turned on in Preferences (and that you're looking at the right preferences page, since the viewer pane and standalone viewer are separately configurable). When the viewer is fullscreen the toolbar is hidden but you can still access it by clicking at the bottom of the screen. The menu bar can be accessed in a similar way but clicking the top of the screen.

As a slight aside, I've got one of my (many) mouse buttons bound to Alt-F4 which lets me quickly close any type of window. I find it quite handy.

didn't paid to that option, I've seen it now

If you wish to read scanned documents , it's quite usefull (acdsee 9 have this option)

[quote] but when viewing smaller images on a high res screen you have to manually zoom in and out which is a pain.
Well I suggest the behavior of "Fastone Maxview" (different to "Fastone Image Viewer"). You click somewhere, it automatically zoom there. You can use the mouse to look at any direction. And the original zoom is restored as soon as you release the mouse. But I'll prefer, to see this
behavior enabled only when a button is pressed.

Well, I searched a lot and finally found. They are hidden in the "Control bar", which is not displayed by default. I would have prefered to display it at the top instead of the menu bar, but that's ok.

And finally, I insist for the "double click" for closing. Lot of viewers works this way (in fact you switch to thumbnail mode usually, but dopus can already display thumbnails). I'm pretty sure this wouldn't be that hard to implement.


Don't forget to file an official feature request:


Personally, I would love for double-click in the viewer to be configurable because I keep turning on slideshow by mistake. :slight_smile:

Equally, I'd hate for it to close the window, for obvious reasons. :slight_smile: But if it's configurable like left and middle clicking then everyone's a winner.

BTW: Did you know that double-clicking in the viewer pane is the same as double-clicking the file itself (at least for the image viewers)? You can use it to open the file in a separate viewer.