Bulk editing bookmarks

I have almost the same use case as outlined here but I want to bulk edit my bookmarks after modifying the high-level path to most of my bookmarks. Where would I find the XML for that?

Thanks in advance. Outstanding file explorer, could not do without anymore!

You can locate the file by typing /dopusdata/ConfigFiles into the path field and pushing return, then find favorites.ofv.

It's best to fully close down Opus (File > Exit Directory Opus; don't just close the window) before editing it, and make a backup copy first too.

Thank you Leo, your solution works like a charm.

If you should ever run out of ideas :wink: : It would be nice if DOpus automagically updated the bookmarks if a path is changed. Nice to have, but no need to have feature for the less techie users....

BTW: Have you ever contacted Microsoft and sell them your vastly superior Explorer? To me, Dopus would be a huge improvement for Windows. Must have sort of thing.