Busy Visual Studio 2005 makes Dopus use 20-30%

If VS2005 is doing something in teh Windows Workflow designer (.NET framework 3.0) then Dopus seems to shoot up to use 20-30% or more of CPU. If I close the Dopus lister (but still leave the dopus taskbar icon!) then this doesnt happen.

Its not consistent, but certainly several times the most busy thread in Dopus was in SHParseDisplayName, but other times was getting a performance counter or something.

what could be causing this?

Is the Opus window you have open looking at a directory that Visual Studio is modifying a lot?

nope, tried that, and it makes no difference

If you turn on the notify_debug stuff described in this FAQ, do you see a lot of activity being reported?

(Running Process Monitor might be an easier way to do a quick check. They'll probably show similar information.)

It's a pure guess but maybe there are so many file changes being made that just parsing them to work out if they correspond to a path that Opus is showing is causing a lot of CPU use. Seems unlikely but worth a quick look, perhaps.

I couldnt get Notify_debug to show me anything at all - just a blank black cmd prompt window!

used filemon (had problems with procmon!), and yes there are loads of notifications, and dopus is opening and close many files & directories.

perhaps it could just add them to an internal queue (or do them on a low priority thread) and handle them in idle time rather than when the machine is busy doing other stuff. VS2005 (and the workflow designer it particular) is slow enough as it is!

I'm surprised that it still opens files that are not under the current folder (tho my lister does have a folder view so maybe its looking for updates that might affect that also).

If the tree is open Opus has to watch for changes anywhere in the whole filesystem. If you close the tree it will only watch for changes in the current folder.

If you turn off the option shown below does the problem go away?

it was off already!