Button and associated hotkey behave differently with Mp3tag

I have a button with the following code that loads all music files from the current folder into Mp3tag.

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Mp3tag\Mp3tag.exe" /fp:"{sourcepath}"

If Mp3tag is already open and I hit the button, it loads the files, replacing any other files already loaded. (I often buy music in batches and tag it all at once - there's no need to close the program and re-open it again between albums).

But if I use the hotkey I have attached to the button in the exact same situation, it loads the files and adds them to any other files already loaded.

Why do I get different results clicking a button vs using a hotkey? Isn't DOpus sending the exact same command in both cases?

(Note that if Mp3tag is not open, both the button and the hotkey behave the same.)

I suspect MP3Tag itself is reacting differently if Shift (or whichever qualifier(s) are part of the hotkey) is held down when you run that command.

Bingo! It was CTRL. I never would have guessed.

Thanks Leo.

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