Button and User Command Behavior Different

I routinely have to delete folders with multiple gigabytes of files and folders in them. To avoid sitting through all of the "are you sure" and "recycling this many files" dialogs, I created a user command with the following code:


After using it successfully for a while, I decided to make it a button instead and deleted the custom user command. "Successfully" means that DOpus silently and invisibly deleted all of the files and folders in a given location.

I copy/pasted the exact same code into a button. Now, however, DOpus throws up a dialog with progress bar while the files are being deleted when I use the button.

Am I missing something?

Vista Business 64
Command originally created in


Try this:


Thanks, leo.

The code you posted works exactly the same way - I still get the progress bar dialog when I delete a large folder.

(But I do like your version better, just for clarity) :slight_smile:


[quote="leo"]Try this:



Bad move.

  • deletes everything in the lister, not just the selected folder. Thank goodness for backups, eh? :slight_smile:

Back to {allfile} for me!


Oops, sorry. :slight_smile:

If you just want to delete what's selected then you don't need the * or {allfile} at all. I got confused thinking it had been added to delete everything without having to do a select all. Hope that didn't cause too much hassle getting things back. Erk! :frowning:

I guess there isn't a way to suppress the progress dialog though. It's odd that one wasn't shown for the user-command, actually.

Hi leo,

No worries.

ShadowProtect has me covered. It takes incremental backup images every few hours, so mounting the image and using DOpus to sync the backed-up folder and the actual folder was completely painless.

I'll remove the allfile tag. If I encounter any other difficulties, I'll post back. I can live with the progress dialog. It just surprised me because the user-command didn't show it.


I reported this long ago with version 9.x. User commands do not show the progress bar (copy, move, etc) button commands do. Both showed the progress bar in v8.