Button argument for sorting?

I'm trying to make the sidebar custom buttons I use all the time more efficient. There are a couple image directories where I always switch the view to thumbnails and sort by date so I can quickly see the last images I saved to the location. I found out I can make the view switch to thumbnail when I click the button using the argument "VIEW=Thumbnails" in the Command Editor. Can someone tell me what argument to use to also make the folder sort by date when I click the button?

Maybe I'm just overlooking it, but I've looked through the whole arguments list three times now and thought I should just ask.

The Set command has a similar SORTBY argument.

But if you always want particular folders to use a special view mode and/or sort order, you can set that up via Folder Formats so that it happens automatically when you go to those folders, so you don't have to click the button at all.

The easiest way to do this is to go to the folder in question and set it up how you want, then open the Folder menu (near the top, toward the right of the window) and Folder Options item, then click Save in there, and Save format for a folder.

You can review and edit your saved formats via Settings > Preferences / Folders / Formats, where you can also do more advanced things like create formats which match paths by wildcard or types of folder.

As a third option, the Content Types system lets you configure Opus to automatically change the way folders are viewed if they, for example, contain mostly image files.

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Amazing! I didn't even know those Folder Options existed. I'll probably be using this feature a lot now. Thanks.

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