Button: Create a button that navigates to different folders with the same name

Hi everyone.
I would like to create a button that navigates to a folder depending on the directory I opened.
In some folders I have many sub-folders named "cliparts".
For example, I open a folder, which has 3 sub-folders: Images, Videos and Cliparts. I click on the button and it should open the sub-folder Cliparts. I open another folder and click on the button and it should also open its sub-folder named Cliparts. Maybe it could be possible to create a button with a jscript, since the Go internal commands couldn't help me. Maybe I do something wrong

That should work:

Go "{sourcepath}\Cliparts"

Or even easier:

Go ".\Cliparts"

But is that faster then a double click?

Thanks a lot Mosed

I have some different situation :grinning: Much better to create a button and assign a hotkey