Button execution cannot find file

Hi Leo,

I found a problem. If the file name has a space, the button execution command line plus the path to open the file displays the error message "File not found". Then, I changed the space of the file name to "-", and It succeeded. I clicked the button to open the file successfully without any errors.

This is wrong: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Audition CC 2018\Adobe Audition CC.exe {filepathshort}
This is correct: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Audition CC 2018\Adobe-Audition-CC.exe {filepathshort}

I can execute the file named like this, but I can't open the file directly with it.

why? Is this the reason for Windows or DOpus?


You need to put "quotes" around paths that contain spaces.

Thanks, I got it, you are great!