Button for control panel/ Background colour filtered


During the last days I've been trying Dopus and I would like to know if it is possible to create a button on the toolbar to open XP's control panel in a lister?

Another question: Is it possible the have the background of the lister changed (colour or picture) when a filter is on?

Thanks for your help


Does go /controls work on XP?

(Or just type /controls into the path field to try it.)

It's work perfectly... thanks.

Do you have another good idea for the filtered background?

You can configure the filter bar to always be visible when a filter is active. I don't think you can make the background change based on that, though.

Do you think it is possible to change the look of the grid (colour, line or off) when a filter is applied?

No, it's not, sorry.

hi Leo

Please tell me where can I find information like "go /controls" in the user guide or else where?


Not sure which information you are after, but I guess it's one of these pages:

[ul][li]Creating your own buttons[/li]
[li]Go command[/li]
[li]Folder Aliases[/li][/ul]

Thanks Leo

I'll have a look.