Button for: Extract all files from folder


I need a button, that extracts all files from a folder. After that the empty folder should be deleted.

This button does possibly what you´re looking for, please try it in a test folder first:

<?xml version="1.0"?> <button backcol="none" display="both" textcol="none"> <label>&amp;3 - Move Up Dir &amp;&amp; Del </label> <icon1>#DOpusVista:opentoolbar</icon1> <function type="batch"> <instruction>@set ChildPath={sourcepath$|noterm}</instruction> <instruction>@runmode hide</instruction> <instruction>Copy MOVE * TO ..</instruction> <instruction>Go ..</instruction> <instruction>@keydown:shift</instruction> <instruction>@keydown:none</instruction> <instruction>rmdir {$ChildPath}</instruction> </function> </button>

From: [url]Moving files around via context menus]

Thx :slight_smile:

Tried it but it's not what I mean. It should just extract the stuff at the same place - this one moves all to the upper folder.

Do you mean extracts all archives below the current folder? Or extracts all files from the current folder, which is an archive? Or?

Extracts them to where?

Why would the folder be empty after extracting files from it? (Do you mean moving files? Extracting usually means there's an archive involved, like a zip file.)

I mean it like the rar-command "extract here". All files from the folder should extract at that place, where the folder is.

nobody gets what you are talking about. (i dont get it, so i wont bother. but since nobody gets what you are talking about you should try again from scratch and describe and explain in detail, and with examples, what your problem is. good luck.)

OK, last try...
There is a folder, with files inside.
I want to get out (move) all files from that folder.
At that point - there would be the moved files and the now empty folder.
And because it's empty, nobody needs it anymore, so it can be delete.

No, you win!

i am first, i give up. i still dont get the picture. i'm out.
just to let you know. :stuck_out_tongue:

God bless anyway.

The ContentsToCurrentFolder button in the thread abr linked to sounds like what you want.

Yes, that's it! Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

this post cracked me up lolz :laughing:

I am not sure if posting this is okay here, but there is a free program that will do this from the context menu. It is called 'Suction', and if you point it at a folder it will suck everything out of it folder. You are left with the folder that you sucked, but in that folder is nothing but files.


Sounds pretty much like the command COPY MOVE to ..

which you can easily integrate into your context menu.

The Suction tool sounds different to that. If I understood correctly, it will flatten all files below a directory into the top-level of that directory, and remove all sub-dirs.

A bit like turning on Flat View -> Mixed (No Folders) in Opus, except that it is done permanently by moving the files around on disk. Also like my own little DirFlatten util.

Oh, ok, then it´s more like

@dirsonly @nofilenamequoting Copy MOVE FILE "{filepath$}\*" HERE Delete QUIET NORECYCLE

which can be found here: [url]Moving files around via context menus]

No, it's not like that either. :slight_smile: That would not flatten the sub-sub-directories.