Button for getting photos from memorycard


I want to create one button, which does following things at once:

First it asks for drive letter (preferably not dialog for selecting PATH, but just list of drive LETTERS) for where my memory card is. Then it moves all .cr2 and .jpg files to my computer, to eg. folder "D:\Photos\New photos". One issue is that photos are inside \DCIM\100CANON etc. folders, and I don't want these folders to be copied, only files inside them.

Is it possible?

After all that, files will be renamed using my rename preset, but that I can handle myself :slight_smile:

My method would be to go to the drive first normally, and then click the button (which seems as easy as clicking the button and then selecting the drive).

The button would then copy everything off the drive (or just the *.(cr2|jpg) files, using a copy filter, if there might be unwanted files on the drive) to where they are wanted, with the extra folders (DCIM etc.) still created.

The rename preset could then take care of removing the extra folders as well as whatever else it currently does.

Simpler perhaps ?!:
Switch into flat view mode, select every filetype desired and then move all files over to hd.. ?!
I'm not that of a DO professional to be able to tell you the exact commands needed, but some button similiar to this, should get you started:
You need to open a lister showing your memorycards root first.

Set FLATVIEW=On,MixedNoFolders
Select PATTERN="*.(jpg|cr2)"