Button for launching Putty?

I would like to move away from WinSCP and use the SFTP via SSH feature in Directory Opus.

However there is a great feature in WinSCP that allows me to launch Putty without logging in again. It uses the saved credentials in the stored session.

Is there a button available for DO that does this? Or is it possible to access the stored credentials via scripting?

You don't need to do any scripting.

From within Putty, save the session settings (I have mine in a sub-folder called Sessions).

Then create a button (or buttons) like so:

D:\Tools\Putty\kitty.exe -load Raspi-LogIn

where the parameters is the session settings you wish to load (RASPi-Login in my case).

Change the path to your Putty installation as required. Note that I use Kitty (http://www.9bis.net/kitty/) which is a more featured offshoot of Putty.

Thanks Rebel for the suggestion. It's a good idea, but I was hoping to keep the settings contained within Directory Opus.

Hi Jake,

You've confused me (not a particularly difficult task I'll admit). What settings are you wanting to keep contained within DOpus?

Ah, I see that Putty doesn't have the option to auto-enter the password (and save it to the session file and therefore auto log-in at the click of a DOpus button).

The buttons I use (I have 5 different ones to perform different tasks on the two Raspberry Pis I have) when clicked, run Kitty which in turn loads the named saved session with log-in details - including my password. No manual log-in required and any commands that I enter on the Connections/Data tab Command text box are run automatically.

Here's a screenshot of that tab in Kitty:

This is the full line of the Command text box.

       [code]tem \n sudo python displaytemps.py & \n exit[/code]

('tem' is a cd path alias to the location of the python script on my Raspberry Pi.)

I would suggest you take a look at Kitty to see if it suits your needs better than Putty itself does.