Button Icon Size

Looking for advice for creating Icons for Win 7 x64, at an exact size.

The Win 7 System Icons small size are larger than programX.exe or my custom icons.
I have no choice as to pick what size the smallest Icon will be, and the "Large image size" is too big.

Opus won't scale up icons which are smaller than the icon set you are using. It will only scale things down. (Scaling up usually looks very bad with small images like icons.)

If you want to manually make an icon, you can use a PNG image or similar; it doesn't have to be in a .ico file. You can also make icon sets for Opus, which are more efficient and easier to install on other machines or share with people.

Thanks! Any visual tutorials? I read, but would prefer a visual tutorial, or sample of the png.

If it's just one or two icons, you literally just need to create PNG images of whatever you want, and point Opus at them the same way that you'd tell it to use an external icon.

Creating icon sets is more complicated, and there isn't a video tutorial on that at the moment. But you don't need an icon set if you don't want to make one.

Just download one of the sets in "icons"-section, extract the .dis-file (it's a zip) and you'll see how it works using a png and the xml.

If you want to create a default icon set for DO, download one of Cris' sets, becuase it includes the correct names for the default icons DO uses.

I'm interested in learning icon sets, but have many other involved topics of study and looking for a quick at a glance image overview.
I understand making icons, but opus is shrinking the icon to fit in the white square, unless "Large image size" is checked.

I'll try the: download one of the sets in "icons"-section, extract the .dis-file.

Which file format is the icon you're trying to use?

What are the image dimensions?

The default size for small icons is 22x22 and for large 32x32. You need to create both, if you switch between small and large. You can also define other sizes (eg 48x48) in the xml (see also Cris' extra large set).