Button icon

I create a button and choose my own icon file. Why does DOpus only display executable files in the dialog box of opening files, but not icon files? The dialog box supports opening the icon file in the description, but I can only enter it manually and not intuitively.

If I've understood you correctly, that dialog definitely does show .ico files. If you're talking about something different, please post a screenshot to clarify the issue.

Your understanding is very correct. One of my folders is full of icon files, but this dialog window is blank and the icon files are invisible.

Could you paste a screenshot similar to Jon's one?


I can confirm it's a bug when using the Simplified Chinese translation. We'll get it fixed.

@Jon @Leo
You are great! The efficiency is really too high! The issue was completely fixed, and now I choose the icon too intuitive and convenient.

Thank you very very much! Buying DOpus and knowing you are the best thing. I will let more people know about DOpus and buy DOpus.