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Button Input text menu

Hello, i would like to create an button that popup a text input menu and if a give a name of a file so that the file will be created in de current directory.
Could you help me.



FileType NEW=.txt NEWNAME="norename:{dlgstring}"
Go PATH="{$newfile}"

Thanks, is works. Is it possible to change anything in inputbox, like the name or another message.

Yes. Replace {dlgstring} with {dlgstring|<message>|<default>}.

Look here for details:!Documents/Codes_to_display_dialogs.htm

Thanks a lot. It works fine.
Glad someone helpt me. Many thanks.

Ik have another question.
Is it possible to use the IF command, like: If {dlgstring=""} then {dlgstring} = "info.txt"

You can, but you'll want to switch to using scripting (JScript or VBScript) for that.

A simple example script that prompts for a string and then uses it can be found here:

Thanks for explaining all.