Button or icon menu on Windows Taskbar?

I want to create one button (or icon) on my Windows Taskbar that can open a menu up with other icons that usually sit on the Taskbar. I want this because I have too many icons there and I don’t like when it has an arrow to go to what is not showing. Does Opus have any way it can do this? Thanks

On the Windows taskbar? You can right-click the Opus taskbar icon to access the jump list, which is configurable under Preferences / Favorites and Recent / Jump List. (It can only show a fairly small number of items, though.)

Or you can turn on the tray icon, on the right of the taskbar, and configure Windows to always show it, and add anything you want to the right-click menu of that. That menu can be configured via Customize > Context Menus.

That is super I new Opus would have this already. Thanks so much

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