Button to convert images

I made a button to Convert any image to 500x500 jpg. I set it to the hotkey Ctrl-Alt-F.


It works fine, but I would like to do one more thing with the same button:
autoremane - ie, if the file exits already, then rename it folder (1).jpg etc. I tried adding autorename to the above and it does not do anything except stop the conversion from working?

Does anyone have any ideas?

To clarify, the button seems to work when I select a single file, but does not work when I select multiple files at once....

Sorry, I dont seem to have thought this thru - I would ALSO like that the new file(s) are selected after the conversion.

The Image command doesn't have an AUTORENAME argument or anything similar (just an argument that lets you tell it to replace files without prompting).

You could insert the current date and/or time into the prefix you're adding, using something like {date|yyyy-MM-dd} {time|HH-mm-ss}

Or you could write the files to a different folder, then move them into the desired folder with auto-renaming on there.

Thanks leo. Seems like I cant do what I would like to achieve. Still, its great that dopus gets me this far - a great time saver (in so many ways).