Button to Cycle Listers

Wondering if there is a way to accomplish the same as

Set View = Cycle 

...but for Listers. I tried

Set Lister = Cycle 

without success.
Not a huge deal, but it would be nice to press a button multiple times to cycle through listers (in addition to the pull-down). I'm aware of the tabbed option but don't want to sacrifice gui space. If not a feature yet, no worries.

As a "question bonus", here is the icon I made for my Listers button, an icon that will be part of an icon set I am working on, soon to be uploaded. :slight_smile:
Wishing you all a beautiful day

*********** 39x39 ***********

*********** 24x24 ***********

What does "cycle through Listers" mean, exactly?

Greetings, Jon!

Pressing the button repeatedly cycles through
Commander -> Dual Horizontal -> Dual Vertical -> Explorer -> Filmstrip -> Images -> Metadata -> [user-defined listers] -> Commander
starting at the current position.
Which achieves the same as if you pulled the pull-down menu on the default Lister button, selecting one option after another---but with less wrist action.

Gotcha - you mean to cycle through styles. No there's no way to do that currently.

Okay, no worries.

Endless gratitude for v10, it's so full of good stuff I feel like a pig. :slight_smile:

Just wondering if it is possible to program one's own button for this? I wish to have a button to set the Lister to Images, and another to reset to Commander.
Cheers -- Mike

You can use @ifset to do something similar, based on the current view mode or whether or not the viewer is currently visible, then changing to one of the two styles as appropriate.

Thanks, Leo
I failed to find a suitable list of the styles needed for the IFSET command, but found out how to add a drop-down list anyway. Not quite ideal but it helps.
Cheers -- Mike