Button to cycle through paths

Hello all,
I have this button that cycles thru recycle bins on my network drives. It has worked flawlessly thru version 12.25 stable:

Go "\\diskstation_5\video\#recycle" "\\diskstation_5\specialized-1\#recycle" "\\diskstation_5\specialized-2\#recycle" "\\DISKSTATION_5\shared-1\#recycle" "W:\#recycle" "\\diskstation_3\homes\#recycle" "\\DISKSTATION_3\video\#recycle" "\\diskstation_3\specialized-1\#recycle"

However, every beta version 12.25.1 thru 12.25.4 "breaks" the button. I click the button and nothing happens. Did something change after the 12.25 stable version that makes this button command obsolete. If so, what do I have to do to make this work again.

As always, any assistence is greatly appreciated.

Add SWITCHPATH after the first path:

Go "\\diskstation_5\video\#recycle" SWITCHPATH "\\diskstation_5\specialized-1\#recycle" "\\diskstation_5\specialized-2\#recycle" "\\DISKSTATION_5\shared-1\#recycle" "W:\#recycle" "\\diskstation_3\homes\#recycle" "\\DISKSTATION_3\video\#recycle" "\\diskstation_3\specialized-1\#recycle"

(The command working before without SWITCHPATH was a bug which 12.25.1 fixed. The argument parsing code which was associating all unrecognised arguments/parameters to any /K/M argument (SWITCHPATH in the case of the Go command) without the argument name needing to be used. Only the actual default argument doesn't need to be named, in this case the PATH argument which only takes one parameter.)

Thank you. :slightly_smiling_face: