Button to extract Image from audio file

Hello all,

I don't know how to write scripts or functions to make buttons :frowning: would someone be willing to make or help me make a button to extract an image from the selected audio file? I normally go into the metadata pane but I'm doing it so frequently now that I would like a button... But I don't know how to make one for that command.

I wasn't even sure if to post here or the button section :thinking: Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

You can do this via scripting using nothing but Opus itself, but I don't think anyone has written a script to do it yet. AudioCoverArt in the scripting API includes the image's binary data which can be saved to a file.

On the other hand, if you only want it for MP3 files, this old solution I made should still work well, and it comes with buttons to integrate it into your Opus toolbars:


There's also a forum thread about it, but the link above has more detail than the thread:

Hi Leo,

Thanks for the quick reply! I had seen the utility you wrote but I didn't realize it included buttons :smiley: I've added those to my toolbar and placed the exe where it goes. Working great!

I mostly have mp3s but I do have some others (m4a, flac, etc). I'll use this in the meantime until someone writes a script that can do those as well.

Thanks again!

Hi Leo,

The tool works great! very fast. I've noticed that it extract jpgs to a "jfif" extension. Is there any modification I can make to extract the image file as jpg? or whatever extension it the original file has?

Thanks again!

That could be the infuriating change Microsoft made in Windows 10. You can fix the extension here in the registry:

HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\MIME\Database\Content Type\image/jpeg

Below there, change the extension value from .jfif back to .jpg like it should be. (.jfif is NOT the correct extension; it's for an archaic precursor format to jpg! It shouldn't be in the registry at all, and wasn't before Windows 10.)

It also affects Chrome when it downloads jpg files that it doesn't know the extension of, and changing the registry setting back to jpg like it should be fixes things.

One further annoyance is that Microsoft occasionally delete all your registry changes when updates are installed, so you have to keep changing it back every few months. I keep it bookmarked in regedit.

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