Button to feed two files into a muxer

despite this page,
gpsoft.com.au/help/opus9/def ... lcodes.htm
I'm still not sure what to do.

I have muxer.exe {filepath$} and it opens two muxers instead of feeding both selected files into the same muxer.

Is this a DOpus button fix, or do I have to research the muxer docs for a solution?


Maybe you want {allfilepath$} instead of {filepath$}.

I tried that with great hope and it just omitted opening the second instance of the muxer.
Still only one of the two selected files was put into the muxer.

What's the command line that the muxer program takes? Does it require arguments to specify the video and audio streams, for example?

The non-GUI version of tsMuxeR indeed requires a text file (called a meta file) to be written before anything can be dnoe.

I was trying to get around that hassle by scripting the GUI version, wherein one only needs to drag the two files onto its window, and the meta file is automatically created.

Just because the GUI accepts two files dropped on it doesn't mean it can take two filenames on the command line.
Check the docs and see what they say.