Button to open dual lister pairs with defined columns used in each?

Okay what I want to do is open two dial listers with source and destination set as required at defined positions / sizes on screen. I can do that as follows with a button using:

Go "E:\Movies" DUALPATH "J:\E\Movies" New 100,100,1200,800,norm
Go "F:\Movies - Watched" DUALPATH "I:\F\Movies - Watched" New 1400,100,1200,800,norm

The problem is that I want each lister section to only contain columns of 'Name / Size / Modified / Relative Size', I had thought that I could define the columns and save them as a layout and then invoke using something like:

Go "E:\Movies" DUALPATH "J:\E\Movies" New 100,100,1200,800,norm LAYOUT=Films

but that does not work. What an I missing, or is this not possible to achieve? If effect I think I need to save the folder format and then apply it to a given lister source / destination in turn? But I can't see how to do that.

Or am I going about achieving this in the completely wrong manner?

Any reason not to use a layout for everything (including folder paths and window positions) and then simply open the layout?

I did consider that but it looked like that approach would not give control over the columns I wanted, so I looked for more granular control so ended up with the route I chose.

Happy to go the layout route if that can somehow solve the columns problem.

When you save a layout it asks if you want to use the folder formats as well, so it should do everything you want.

Hmm if I go to save I see:

I see no mention of folder formats?

Look closer. :slight_smile:

So you are saying that leaving 'ignore folder formats' unchecked will do what I want?

That will make it so if you just open the layout by name (and without overriding anything), the folder formats stored in the layout will be used.

You can open it via the Layouts menu which appears in a few different places (e.g. desktop right-click, if enabled), or via a button or hotkey which runs Prefs LAYOUT="Film1"

Ta Leo thanks I'll have a play.

And now in place. Seems to be working just as well :slight_smile:

I don't suppose there is any way of optionally filtering out (via a button to toggle on / off) folders who's content is less than 500k?

Couldn't find an obvious way after multiple rounds of different filtering commands and such. Doesn't mean there isn't a way - I just didn't see one.

But since you asked the question, I was actually kind of surprised there was no easy way to set visibility of items based on criteria other than name patterns or attrs in a place like 'Folder Formats' - such as a standard File Filter... which you would then set to something like:

Type : Match : [Folder Only]
Size : Match : Is less than : 500 : KB

Maybe there's another way...

As an alternative, do you HAVE to hide them all together? How about changing the icon color?

The Select command can use filters and hide things. But this question belongs in its own thread.

Okay will play and likely post a new thread later :slight_smile: