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Button to run two exe files


I want to create a button that runs two exe files one by one. In this case, the first program starts (as hidden) but then nothing happens.

That would wait for FloatingWindows.exe to finish before running PowerShell.exe.

Unless I'm missing something, there's also no reason to run Blender.exe via PowerShell.exe instead of directly.

I'm guessing @runmode:hide was only added to hide the PowerShell.exe window that that creates, so we can get rid of both that line and PowerShell entirely in the command.

Try this:


That will launch both programs without waiting for either of them to finish.

I run blender via PowerShell because i want to see teminal window after blender start and after quit.

You would not want the @runmode:hide in that case, as it would hide the terminal window.

You could run it like this:

(Function drop-down set to Standard Function.)

@async:PowerShell.exe -NoExit -command C:\Blender2.80\blender.exe

Or, if you only want the terminal window and don't need it to be PowerShell specifically:

(Needs the Function drop-down set to MS-DOS Batch Function, as you already have in the screenshot above.)


(That will give you a "push space to continue" to close the command prompt window after blender.exe completes.)


(Function drop-down set to MS-DOS Batch Function.)


(That will leave the command prompt open after blender.exe completes, allowing further commands to be typed into it.)

Standard Function way is do the trick! Thank You very much for help!