Button with opposite copy function


My current drag drop function is set to move but I'd like a button/shortcut on one of my menu bars to do the opposite and copy the files I drag and drop onto it. Is there an arguement for this?


The command is simply:


There should already be a Copy button on your toolbar by default.

Note that you don't have to drag & drop files on to it (although you can and that does work as well). You can just select the files and then click the button, which is usually easier.

Sorry, I didn't make it clear. It's a folder shortcut. I want to be able to drop files onto this folder shortcut and make it copy to the destination instead of moving as my settings are for any other instance of drap&drop.

To do that create a button which runs something like this:

Copy TO="C:\Folder\You\Want To Copy To"

Thanks. Seems so obvious now that you point it out.