Button won't show background colour

I recently upgraded from v12.12 to v12.21.
One of the buttons on a toolbar changed colour.

It used to show a symbol with the background colour set to default. So the background was the toolbar colour.

Since the upgrade it shows a different colour.
The reason only one button is affected is because it contains the command "Prefs STYLE=Commander" (followed by other commands).
If I remove this command the button no longer changes its background colour.

If I right-click the button a "styles" menu appears.

My question is how can I make the button show its background colour and lose the right-click menu.

Thanks for your assistance. 66320

You can change the background color of a button:

Rightclick on Toolbar > Customize... > Right Click on your Button > Edit:

Colors: > 2 and: "Use Default"

You can't lose the right-click menu:

It is part of the Lister Styles

Add @toggle:disable to the command, on a line by itself at the top, if you don't want the button to highlight when its style is active (i.e. when it's style was the last style applied).

Thanks Leo, that does the job nicely.
I am amazed how quickly you responded - do you ever rest?