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Buttons to make open/close toolbar easier/faster?

Are there any buttons to make opening and closing toolbars easier and faster. Maybe where I can have a description of the toolbar show up. I know about the command, that lists all the toolbars, but I've got too many. Any suggestions gratefully received.

You can use the TOOLBAR raw command to toggle a specific toolbar on/off. For example:

toolbar "MyStuff" toggle

Have a look at the command description in the online Opus 9 Reference or you can find it in the DOpus9.chm file in the program directory.

Regards, AB

Ok thanks.
Two things:

  1. Has anyone developed and uploaded buttons for quick management of toolbars.
  2. Toolbar List /S produces a list in the bar. Is it possible to get a drop down menu of the toolbars, and to specify which toolbars show on that menu?

Yes, just create a new menu and then put the list inside it.

To create a new menu while in Customize mode, right-click the empty part of a toolbar and use the New menu.

If you want to do that then instead create individual buttons within your new menu, where each button toggles a different toolbar using the command from aussieboykie's post above.

Thank you so much for your quick reply and your help on this.
I created a new menu. I'm stuck on the "then put the list inside it" part.
I dragged the button with toolbar list /s in it onto the new menu.
In customize mode, the toolbars show up in a sub menu. But outside customize mode, there is nothing.
I'm lost. Help would be appreciated.

The command is just Toolbar LIST -- the "/S" is not part of what you type, it just indicates that LIST is a 'switch' argument, i.e. either on or off and not taking any extra paremeters.

Ok, I've made progress through blind luck.
I added a button to the menu, and put toolbar list /s into the button. Now I have a menu of toolbars.

Is it possible to have the menu stay open while I chose > 1 menu item?


If you want to do that, one way is to create a toolbar instead of a menu, then have a button which toggles the toolbar on and off (e.g. on the left of the window). Then you click that button to see the toolbar, click as many things on the toolbar as you like, then close the toolbar again.

My Diff/Merge Toolbar is an example of that.

How can I toggle all open toolbars on and off? (except the toolbar with the on/off button).
Do I have to list each of the toolbars? Is there a shortcut?

You have to list each one.