Cache offline files?

Can Directory Opus help with building a cache of a directory. I thinking that then this cache could be used to update info and not have to reload things like thumbnails and metadata. This would be good for viewing the contents of the folder when the hard drive is not available. For example, in a directory of 3000 pictures it takes a while for each thumbnail to load. Is there a way to save this information once it finishes loading? I am thinking this cache would be good to store other info about the files also. Then it could be used again at a different time. Thanks

Thumbnails are cached automatically, but if the drive there isn't there then the cached data may be thrown away (since it'd normally be a waste of space to cache thumbs of non-existent files, and it's not designed with removable drives in mind).

Some of the cloud storage solutions will work with Windows, and in turn Opus, to provide thumbnails for data that is in the cloud and not stored locally. I don't know if there is anything like that for removable drives, though. There's nothing built-in.

OK super... I will keep looking for something to do this. If any member has a suggestion for a way to have a catalog of files shoot it. The need to integrate it with Opus was something I want but not a must. A while back you (Leo) showed a way to Paste empty file list. The files were like a dummy files that had the same name and extension but no actual contents. I was open (happy and excited) because it reminded me of the way backup programs catalog content and structure of files and directories. Thanks so much!

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