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"Calculate Folder Sizes" Lister Bug?


A lister with folders that have sub-files still lists stale folders (folders that have been moved away to another location, using Windows Explorer), after a "Calculate Folder Sizes" command [Ctrl+K].

The result is listing a folder that no longer exists at that location and has a blank size.

Is the behind-the-scenes intended function of "Calculate Folder Sizes": refresh the lister, calculate folder totals for existing folders?



You're seeing a folder in the file display which is no longer there?

Or you're seeing stale size information about a folder which is still there, where a folder inside it has been moved?


I'm seeing a folder in the file display which is no longer there.

  • This only happens after using Calculate Folder Sizes?

    (That should not have any effect on whether something is visible or not, but if it does we can investigate that.)

  • What kind of drive is involved? Is it a network drive?

    If it is, is a non-Windows server at the other end? (Those do not always send change notifications quickly or reliably, although it's better on a lot of newer devices than it was some years ago.)

  • If you push F5 to refresh the file display, does the folder still appear?

  • Does the folder appear in File Explorer as well, or only Opus?


It was on a network share (Windows), after 3 attempts to replicate the issue I've been unable to reproduce it.

Maybe it was just an outlier.