Calculate the time length of a mp3 files folder

Hi there,
I like the "Print Folder Contents" tool and I wonder if it is possible to calculate the total length of the mp3 files in a folder and its subfolders, and if that is not possible now, if they could be considered for a future release .
I do not mean the total size of the folder (which you can already do), but the total time duration of the files it contains, and recursively, the total with subfolders.
Many thanks in advance

You can display that information in the status bar, for filetypes Opus knows how to get the duration from (which includes MP3).

Preferences / Display / Status Bar is the place to configure it, and if you click the Samples drop-down, one of the samples is already set up to show media duration. (2nd in the list if you're using Opus 11.)

Hi Leo,
I must apologize for my delayed response. For some reason, until now I didn't take care of your kind reply.
I must also acknowledge that, despite I'm using DOpus for years (I put my mouse over DOpus for the very first time in Amiga -a long way ago-), my knowledge about its powerful set of functions is, say, to be really improved.
So, thanks by your answer, I now know how to read the total time length for a mp3 folder.
But, is it possible to print this total when using Print/Export Folder listing?
Again, I apologize for my cluelessness

Not possible I think, at least not if you want to print individual mp3 files and would like to sum their playtime to print it below or something. But if you print a list of folders, a column could be scripted, that shows the album playtime, so the duration would be visible if you edit the columns used for printing. I do not know exactly if anybody here did such a colum already, but I think not. You might do it yourself, having a special task is always a good start to get into these things! There are already several examples in the scripting section to choose from. o)

In case you want to list playtime/duration of folders and/or some other album details, you could use this set of columns.
It's something I rushed together in the past "few minutes" and is still is work in progress, so don't expect it to be perfect.

These columns and the script behind, will live on in the script-addins section of the forum.
Thanks for getting me started on this eventually, I planned on doing these sooner or later. o)

Column.Folder_MusicFolder.js.txt (31 KB)

Hello thone,
Thank you very much for your suggestion and your script file. Your screenshot looks very nice.
Let's have a structure of mp3 files, from a root contains several folders, each corresponding to an artist, which in turn contains several subfolders, each corresponding to an album, each of which contains the mp3 files for that album.
What I'm looking for is how to print the subtotal of each folder and the grand total of the list.
I've used Tools-> Print / Export Folder listing in Grouped mode. This mode provides me, heading the list of each main folder the total MB occupied by its subfolders, and similarly the total MB occupied by each subfolder, and since I added the Duration column in each file the duration of the file, but does not provide the sum of the time duration of the files in each folder, nor the total time duration of the subfolders of each folder in the style that it provides the space occupied. In addition, it would be desirable that the sums were at the end and not the beginning of each folder/subfolder listing.

I do not know if it would be possible to obtain this result by creating a new command, but that's what I want. If you can help me to achieve this, it would be very appreciated.
Thanks for your patience.

Hi Leo,
I've figured out what took me so long to acknowledge your response. :blush: I simply forgot to check the box for the system to warn me when a response occurred.
A matter of poorly skilled people in these things