Calculating folder sizes

Hi All

I have pressed Ctrl+L and have been sitting on this [1] for a while but the folder sizes are not finished calculating.

On the left side I just installed TreeSize Professional and it managed to calculate the Folder Sizes instantly.

I have a feeling the DO folder size calculation has not completed its task.

Could you please verify?


[1] ... 1539-C.png

The ~ indicates the size is approximate, most likely because a subfolder was permissioned to deny access.

Opus has finished there by the look of the screenshot (no spinning blue circle in the status bar).

The reason some of the folders on C:\ don't have sizes is that they are permissioned to stop most accounts from being able to look inside them. Presumably TreeSize Pro is being run as Admin there? Either way, they are folders you wouldn't want to mess around with manually, and should be left to the operating system to manage.

(You should get a UAC prompt with newer versions of Opus, which will allow it to calculate the size of MSOCache, but even with UAC elevation the System Volume Information folder cannot normally be read without full SYSTEM access.)

I understand that jon :slight_smile: I gave DO elevated access. TreeSize Pro was running as Admin too.

Looking forward to the new version. Thanks leo.

If you're using SpaceObServer as well then that'd explain why it's able to see inside System Volume Information.