Calling Dopus from an outside script

I've written a python script to analyse some folder, and at the end, I want to call Dopus to make some folder renaming or moving. (I want to do it with Dopus to have the Dopus copy windows)
I've found what are the COMMAND, but I don't know how to launch it from a script outside Dopus.
and a bonus question: if a command is launch , does it have a return code ?


A job for DOpusRT.

You can use it to run internal commands from outside of Opus.!Documents/DOpusRT_Reference.htm

You won't get a return code, nor even synchronous execution from DOpusRT; it'll just schedule the command to run and return immediately.

If you need to synchronize with external scripts, you could make DOpusRT run a script inside of Opus which handles the synchronization (e.g. writes a file somewhere with the result when the command finishes).

It may also be easier to make the thing you run overall an Opus script, and have that call your Python script or other tools as well as the Opus commands at the end. That way one thing is in control of everything. (Opus scripts can run Opus commands and wait for them to finish, and see if any files failed etc.) But that also depends on exactly what the other script does, of course, so it may not always be the best approach.