Camera not showing up on My Computer (Dopus10)

I have been using Dopus for a long time now and am trialling Dopus10.

I find that if I plug a camera into the PC it is not listed as an attached device in My Computer.

It does in Explorer and it did in Dopus9.

Fault or feature?

Windows XP 32bit



Make sure you have the latest version.

Did that - v10.

Does the camera appear in the folder tree?

What kind of camera is it?

BTW, turning off Preferences / Folders / Virtual Folders / Native display of 'Computer' should give you a quick fix, at the cost of slightly different look & feel when in the My Computer folder.

[quote="leo"]Does the camera appear in the folder tree?

Yes .... but not in "My Computer" which only lists hard drives (internal and external)

Canon Powershot A410

That works